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Embracing Company Culture: Why It Matters and How to Do It

Embracing Company Culture: Why It Matters and How to Do It

Embracing company culture gives you control over how you feel about your workplace. This includes creating a diverse, caring work environment where you feel valued and supported.

Leadership sets your company’s culture, and HR and management help implement it. However, the culture is reinforced by employees at all levels. This includes you.

Discover why embracing company culture matters and how to do so.

Form Personal Relationships

Get to know your colleagues and coworkers on a personal level:

  • Invite new teammates to lunch or a virtual coffee discussion.
  • Introduce these teammates to colleagues and coworkers.
  • Suggest other professionals to connect with.
  • Ask colleagues and coworkers you have not talked with lately if they would like to get together for coffee to catch up.

Small gestures like these encourage your colleagues and coworkers to view you as an ally, resource, or friend. This increases your influence and growth potential. It also elevates your job satisfaction and company culture.

Celebrate Others

Recognize your colleagues’ and coworkers’ accomplishments. This shows you notice and support their contributions, results, and impact on the organization. It also positions you as an advocate for professional growth.

Demonstrate that you value your colleagues and coworkers as people:

  • Publicly acknowledge others’ birthdays and work anniversaries. This may include asking others to sign a card and collecting money to bring in a cake.
  • Encourage others to show support when someone experiences a major life event. This may include hosting a baby shower for expectant or adoptive parents.

These gestures build a caring, supporting work environment. They also promote positive company culture.

Be Supportive

Remain understanding and flexible when your colleagues require accommodations to their schedule or workload. This may include taking on additional tasks or working longer hours when a colleague is away on leave.

Everyone needs help at different times to continue moving forward. Be empathetic when asked to help. Others are likely to respond accordingly when you need help.

Maintain healthy boundaries to balance the requests you agree to and the requests you turn down. You must attend to your own needs to help fill others’ needs. This supports a healthy company culture.

Set the Example

Join short-term projects, employee resource groups, or committees focused on enhancing the work environment. These actions build your network and communication skills. They also show your willingness to take on responsibility and improve your workplace. Plus, these actions demonstrate your reliability and care as a role model.

Openly practice self-care at work. For instance, take an entire hour for lunch each day. Also, use all your vacation time. Additionally, set boundaries between your work and personal time.

These actions encourage others to prioritize their health and well-being. They also contribute to desirable company culture.

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