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Semiconductor Manufacturing: New England Opportunities

Semiconductor Manufacturing: New England Opportunities

In July 2022, Congress passed legislation to increase US semiconductor manufacturing and make significant investments in research and development. This new law made over $50 billion in investments into the domestic semiconductor manufacturing industry.

The New England Council supported the Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors and Science Act of 2022 (CHIPS Act) because of the benefits for the local economy. The CHIPS Act helped lessen the impact of the semiconductor chip shortage experienced due to supply chain constraints and the increased demand for electronics to support remote work and schooling during the coronavirus pandemic.

New England is home to a variety of semiconductor manufacturers and technology businesses. These organizations provide a range of opportunities for job seekers.

Learn about semiconductor manufacturing and opportunities in New England.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Subsidies and Tax Credits

The CHIPS Act provided $52 billion in subsidies for US semiconductor production and $24 billion in investment tax credits for chip plants to reduce the shortage and increase the domestic capacity of semiconductors. This legislation also authorized $81 billion in funding over 5 years for the National Science Foundation to support science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education, establish regional technology hubs, and turn breakthroughs in technology research into real-world applications. These investments support growth in the New England economy.

As the home to some of the leading research institutions worldwide, New England received approximately $800 million from National Science Foundation funding in 2021. This funding included $560 million in Massachusetts.

New England Companies Offer Semiconductor Manufacturing Opportunities

Because of the semiconductor manufacturing subsidies and tax credits that support the industry, now is an excellent time to explore career opportunities in this sector. Job seekers can tap into this growing market with a range of opportunities in New England.

For instance, Techneeds is helping semiconductor manufacturers fill the following roles:

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