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The Importance of Temp Onboarding

The Importance of Temp Onboarding

As an experienced manager, you probably already recognize the value of careful onboarding. New employees are likely to stay longer, work harder, and take company success personally if they feel warmly welcomed from day one. Most new employees also feel a sense of trust and reassurance when their new workplace feels well organized and well run.


But can this same attention to detail work as well—and have the same long term value—when the new employee in question is just a temp? As it turns out, a warm, competent welcome can elevate any workplace and bring lasting value to any business, regardless of the specific employee work arrangement. Here’s how to make the most of your new temp’s first day.

1. Treat temps with respect. Not just grudging respect that meets minimum standards of polite civility, but real respect. Treat them the way you would treat a new full time employee, and make sure their teammates and coworkers follow suit. The first rule of running a successful business and the first rule of living a successful life are the same: Be kind. The only way to earn respect is to give it.


2. Be prepared. Never act surprised, flustered and caught off guard when a new temp shows up. Make sure someone is waiting to greet her and show here the ropes, and make sure she has a workstation waiting, complete with all the tools she’ll need in order to start working and contributing right away.


3. Names are critical. Don’t expect the temp to remember the name of every person she meets on the first day, especially if she shakes hands with the entire office. But her name should stay in their minds after a single repetition, and it should certainly stay in her supervisor’s mind and in yours.  When you cross paths with your temp, greet her by name. Show an interest in her acclimation process.


4. Don’t allow your temp to be burdened by unnecessary hassles regarding scheduling, paperwork, and payments. A question like “How shall I record my hours here?” or “How will I be paid?” should never be met with irritation, shrugs, or blank stares. These questions matter. Take her efforts and payments seriously if you expect her to do the same for you.


Most important, if you want your new temp to feel like part of the team, treat her like part of the team. For more information on how to do this, reach out to the IT staffing pros at Techneeds. If you are looking for temp agencies in Salem NH, contact us today.