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How to Work with a Financial Recruiter

How to Work with a Financial Recruiter

Working with any recruiter can provide a powerful boost to your staffing strategy, since recruiters can apply their focused expertise to your open positions while allowing you to turn your attention back to the task of running your business. Recruiters with focused experience and vast social networks within specific industries can add even greater value to your staffing program. But to make the most of the advantages they offer, keep these considerations in mind.


1. Communication is key. Maintain an open two-way channel between your recruiters and your hiring managers, and when your recruiters call or send a message, try to answer as soon as possible. The fast they hear back from you, they faster they can bring you the candidates you’re looking for.


2. Provide detail. Great recruiters are excellent listeners, but they aren’t mind readers. If you know how to describe the specific traits you’re looking for in a candidate, you’ll be giving them the tools they need to help you. This applies to intangible skills, like personality, sense of humor, and work ethic. But it also applies to hard credentials like certifications and degrees. Don’t just provide a list of the qualifications you need; try to rank these qualifications in order of value.


3. Share your deal breakers. Be very upfront with your recruiter about geographic limitations, GPA cutoffs, or other hard factors that can keep a candidate out of the running. Don’t allow the recruiter or the candidate to waste time by pursuing a process that will end in a non-negotiable veto.


4. Enlist as much help as possible. Make use of all the tools and resources that your recruiter or recruiting firm can provide. If your firm offers options like software testing, criminal background checks, health checks or other services, recognize the potential returns and cost saving benefits and take full advantage of them.


5. Act fast. Help your recruiter to help you by acting quickly when you find a candidate you like. Try not to make a verbal offer and then let weeks go by before the formal, official offer makes its way through the HR bureaucracy. This can alienate great candidates and it can also damage the reputations of both the recruiter and your company. Keep your process efficient, respectful, and well-paced.


For more on how to team up with recruiters and use their help to find the best financial candidates available, reach out to the staffing experts at Techneeds. If you are looking for financial recruiters in New Hampshire, contact us today.