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Top Tech Skills that Can Get You Hired In 2014

Top Tech Skills that Can Get You Hired In 2014

According to most recent survey data, both formal and informal, CIOs expect to increase the rate of hiring for IT pros by about 16 percent in the year ahead. But how does this translate into useful information for recruiters, individual hiring managers, and IT job seekers? In other words, what kinds of programming skills will CIOs and company decision makers be searching for? What current tech skills are best poised to help businesses expand their market share and reach out to new customer bases?

2014 Tech Skills in Demand

For the most part, company managers will want IT pros with skills that are broad and applicable to a wide and growing user base. As it happens, many of these languages and platforms are Microsoft-based, since this is still the world’s largest software company with a foothold in almost every business in the country. So Microsoft Sharepoint and SQL Server skills will give applicants a strong edge over their competitors and wide range of options in the job marketplace. Tech pros who already hold these skills can expect salary increases that reflect their growing value to employers; on average, Microsoft Sharepoint experts and SQL Server experts can expect a 10 to 12 percent boost in base compensation.

“Big data” is also becoming a buzzword in hiring circles, so skills with Hadoop and HTML5 are  about to experience a surge in interest among company managers. Other valuable skills that are expected to take center stage this year include Ruby on Rails, Python, MongoDB, and Puppet.

To a lesser degree, employers will also be willing to invest energy in finding IT candidates with skills in Java, PHP, .Net, C#, LAMP Stack, iOS, and Android.

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