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How do I Format Temp Work on My Resume?

How do I Format Temp Work on My Resume?

For one long chapter of your working life –maybe the most recent chapter—you held a series of short term positions that were assigned to you by temporary employment agency. Now you’re looking for a one full-time position with a single employer, a professional role that you’ll hold indefinitely. So as you draft your resume, how should you format your “work history” section? How can you present your past positions and showcase your experience when you’ve held multiple jobs in one? Here are a few resume tips that may apply, depending on your situation and your target position.


1. If none of your temp jobs held any relevance to your target position, you can feel free to list this entire chapter under a single subheading. For your “employer”, list the name of the agency. And for your “position title”, you can list each one with a separate bullet point or simply say “multiple (clerical/tech/consulting/administrative/food service/light industrial) positions”.

2. If any of your temp jobs were relevant to the work you’re currently pursuing (which is more likely), then don’t pass up an opportunity to leverage this fact. If you’re seeking work as an office manager and you held a temp job at a help desk or reception station, list this role under its own subheading. List the primary company as your employer, and state your position title as accurately as possible.

3. Feel free to be selective. If some of your temporary roles were more relevant than others, go ahead and showcase the relevant ones while omitting the others. Just be accurate with your employment dates for each role.

4. Be prepared to explain the format of your employment if you’re asked about it in an interview. Employers may show specific interest in one aspect of your temp experience while recognizing the other aspects as place holders or short term roles.

5. Under each subheading you choose, list a few of your most important accomplishments and responsibilities within that role, just as you would for a permanent, long term position.


For more information on how to showcase your temporary employment and present this chapter as an asset to potential employers, reach out to Techneeds. If you are looking for temp jobs in New Hampshire, contact us today.