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Financial Analyst Salaries: What Should you Offer?

Financial Analyst Salaries: What Should you Offer?

“Financial analyst” positions (and jobs with related titles) come with a broad spectrum of requirements, from the most basic entry level positions to senior positions with higher levels of responsibility and accountability. At the base level, financial analysts are charged with reporting the financial status of an organization to company leaders, which also means preparing financial plans, generating forecasts, and producing reports.

At slightly higher levels, analysts are responsible for improving a company’s financial picture by identifying trends and patterns and recommending actions. At still higher levels, those who hold this responsibility are actually placed in a management position where they direct teams of staff and employees who complete these tasks. In an increasingly digital marketplace, analysts are now often responsible for developing and implementing automations and applications that can handle these requirements.

At almost every level and in every company, financial analysts support their careers and maintain their value and competitive edge by reading industry publications and maintaining strong professional networks.

Salary Averages in the U.S. and New Hampshire

In the United States overall, financial analysts earn an average of about  $79,000 annually across all levels. This number is slightly lower (about $78,000) in New Hampshire, where living costs are reduced and the competition for positions favors employers by a small margin. Analysts with strong software development skills command more at the negotiating table, in both the U.S. and the state, receiving offers about $10,000 to $20,000 higher.

Managers who hope to attract the highest levels of talent and the broadest levels of applicable skill should make offers at the higher end of the spectrum, accounting for annual increases of three to five percent at a minimum. Candidates who are looking for ways to increase their negotiating leverage should look for independent ways to increase their application development skills and their experience with platforms like Java and Kronos. Careful research can also help parties on both sides of the table.

For more information on how to make and receive appropriate, competitive offers in your geographic area, reach out to the staffing pros at Techneeds. If you are looking for financial analyst jobs in New Hampshire, contact our team today.