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Popular Android Apps for Engineers

Popular Android Apps for Engineers

Smartphones and tablets are rapidly becoming an indispensable part of daily life for most busy people. And as these devices provide a universal way to connect socially, they also seem to be finding a place in the working world as well. Artists, healthcare professionals, retailers, designers, marketing pros and even warehouse managers are all bringing their tablets with them to the workplace, and engineers are no exception.

In fact, we often receive regular comments from viewers and visitors recommending new apps and asking for purchasing advice. In response to comments and questions from the engineering sector of our visiting audience, we’ve gathered a list of some of the most popular and reliable Android apps for mechanical, industrial, structural and civil engineers.


Engcalc tops our list, a handy app that provides easily accessible and user friendly unit converters, along with tables and formula information for machine design, heat and mass transfer, fluid mechanics, HVAC, pipe flow, and hydraulic needs.

Heat Transfer Calculator

Heat Transfer Calculator focuses on heat and temperature related calculations only, but it can provide a vital tool for those working with conduction, convection and heat transfer rates.

Fluid Mechanics Converter

The Fluid Mechanics Converter is another conversion formula app, but this one focuses on fluids, including flow rate volume, flow rate mass, dynamic viscosity, oil and water viscosity, and kinematic viscosity.

Mechanical Engineering 101

This app is especially useful for students, but also for entry level and junior engineers or for any experienced engineer that can use a basic coursework refresher. Tutorials, flashcards and quizzes help keep skills and fundamental knowledge strong.


CAD users can turn to this app for #D data file viewing. This app supports STL, DXF, and JT, and it allows users to take their 3D files with them anywhere and view them on the go from a phone or tablet. The app offers touch screen model rotation and image manipulation.

These apps have gained a strong foothold, but new tools are appearing on the landscape every day. For more information about the apps that can provide the best support on the engineering job site, reach out to the MA IT staffing experts at Techneeds. If you are looking for engineering contracts in Salem NH, contact us today.