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Start Your New Job on the Right Foot

Start Your New Job on the Right Foot

Congratulations on your new job offer! Well done. Your patience and determination have paid off, and you’ll be stepping into your new role within the next few weeks. But of course, your biggest challenges and obstacles aren’t behind you just yet. In some fields, new employees are given the benefit of the doubt and are eventually permitted to settle in, become complacent, and start cutting corners. But in tech, this probably won’t happen. In fact, you’ll be under sharp surveillance during your first few months, and your employers will be watching closely to make sure your performance can deliver on the promises made by your resume. So what were those promises? And how can you make sure you’re following through?


Promise 1: You’re independent and self-directed.

Don’t just settle into your chair and wait to be told what to do. And think carefully before you put in your headphones, tune out the world, and get ready to do the minimum, writing code until five and then gliding out the door. Make an effort to draw your employer’s attention. Try to tackle more than just the basic responsibilities of your job. And when you go the extra mile to solve an especially tricky problem, make sure your employer knows about it.

Promise 2: You’re interested in ongoing growth and lifelong learning.

While you were on the job search, you made a strong effort to keep your credentials sharp. You probably stayed connected to the industry, joined an open source community or two, and maybe earned a new certification. Now that you’re off the market, you may be tempted to let these ongoing efforts fall by the wayside. But try not to do this. Stay in touch with new developments in your area whether they directly impact your daily tasks or not.

Promise 3: You’re a fit for this culture.

This may be the most important promise you’ll want to keep. If you told these employers you would work hard to fit in, work hard to fit in. Look closely at the culture around you. How do your coworkers handle the lunch hour? Is it a social affair? If so, join in. And apply the same observations to after work happy hours, the company softball team, cleaning and party planning committees, and other ways to get involved and show that you care about the workplace as a whole.


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