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Get a Job Fast with Techneeds

Get a Job Fast with Techneeds


Applying for jobs can be as time-consuming as actually going to work each day.


There are dozens of recruiting websites out there with hundreds of job listings, but each of those websites asks you to submit a lot of information for each site.


Plus, the company where you are applying likely also has an application you need to fill out, line by line, before you can submit and apply. Your job search does not have to be a slow, painful process.


We recently received an email from a job seeker who found Techneeds after filling out more than 250 applications online. He said he also reached out to several recruitment agencies that simply told him, “We have no openings.” His hope was to “have a positive conversation” with us, and, of course, one of our recruiters reached out quickly to help him find a good fit.


If you are currently seeking a job, it’s simple to contact one of our job recruiters, via our website, by phone or even stopping into one of our four offices in New England.


One of our top goals at Techneeds is to get you working in under two weeks. We accomplish this in several ways:

Our recruiters only do one job

We know that many jobs involve a lot of multi-tasking, but we don’t ask our recruiters to take on administrative tasks that get in the way of recruiting, because we want them to focus on one very important thing: getting you employed.


You won’t find our recruiters following up on time cards, answering phones, reporting, or going through hundreds of applications, as this dilutes the process of getting you a job. They will work with you one-on-one to provide feedback on your resume, match you to our current job openings, or stay with you throughout the search process in hopes of connecting you with your next job opportunity. We find that many of our applicants return after their temporary job has ended to work with the same recruiter.

We can help improve your resume

For many of the available jobs on Tech the Needs website, you don’t have to have a resume; you can fill out our online application that creates a resume for you within our Applicant Tracking System. However, we do recommend that you have one. It simplifies the hiring process and gets you working faster.


It may only take one phone call for us to go over your resume with you, offer some suggestions, and get it updated. Or, a recruiter may want you to visit one of our offices to go over the information that should be included in your resume. We know what keywords employers are looking for, and we will help update your resume to include the most important information.

We have more than 40 years of experience working with local companies

Techneeds became the state of New Hampshire’s first staffing agency in 1976. We have helped make thousands of matches for job seekers and employers, and we have grown from one office to four offices to better serve New England’s job seekers and companies.


Trust is extremely important to us, and the companies we work with appreciate that. We currently work with more than 200 New England companies to help them find the best candidates for their open positions.

We help you find the right job, not just “a” job

Some staffing agencies will take your resume or job application and blindly send it to several companies where it “might” be a fit. They may even send it to a company for a job in which you’ve already applied. That can make you seem insincere unprofessional.


You may also end up at a job that is not a good fit for you because a staffing agency sent it in for jobs in which you may not have the right skill set. That is why our recruiters get to know you and know what your skills are, so they can find a great fit.


We see many of the same candidates return to us for new jobs after their temporary job ends. One reason for that is our team of top-notch recruiters.


Again, we know there are a lot of job hunting sites available that claim to be quick and easy, but when you start applying, it can feel like an eternity to get to the submit button. And even then, you may never hear back from anyone about your applications.  At Techneeds, our job is to find you the best job for your skills – and quickly.