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Detecting the Ideal Candidate for Your Next Job

Detecting the Ideal Candidate for Your Next Job



Recruiting is not a rotisserie chicken. You don’t “set it and forget it.” Our clients have top expectations based on the level of service we consistently provide. Ongoing client contact with the same Staffing Solutions Provider is something that sets Techneeds apart. 

Changes within companies – planned or unexpected – are commonplace. Cultural shifts, policy updates, restructuring of management – any one of these things may alter the needs of the next hire.

That’s why our customers hear from us routinely between new recruiting requests. A primary responsibility of our team is to grow relationships with existing customers. It’s not, “OK, we’ve got that customer. Now, on to finding the next!”

It’s important for our Representatives to understand your company culture, your policies and when changes occur. Having that updated knowledge allows our team to locate the right candidates for you to consider.   

Elementary, my dear Watson

A little detective work goes a long way in saving our customers time and money. One of the first things our Staffing Solutions Provider will inquire is, why is this job open to begin with?

  • Is this a new position for an expanding project?
  • Were there challenges with the last employee in this role?
  • What didn’t work and why?

Because our team already knows the hiring history and needs of the company, we already have a head start on where to look for challenge areas. If this is a position we’ve helped replace more than one time, they will look at the required skill sets on the job description. If the skills match with the candidates we think are ideal, perhaps the job description needs updating. The requirements may need clarification or expansion.

Often a conversation with the hiring manager and their Techneeds Staffing Solutions Provider clarifies the challenges quickly, allowing us to expedite the hiring process and present candidates who meet the criteria.

Staying abreast of changes within an organization also benefits the job seekers – which, of course, benefits our clients, as they expect a high-quality, reliable team member.

By understanding your company culture, policies, and benefits, we can match someone ideal for the role. For example, one of our customers just received a new government contract that will continue for three years and requires thirty new employees to the team, who all ideally will be part of the entire length of the project.

We have job seekers looking for part-time roles, temporary roles and those who prefer full-time, ongoing jobs. Their resumes may not reflect that, but our recruiters know their preferences.

Aside from salary expectations, our recruiters know other important aspects for our job seekers. For example, some truly feel like part of the team when they are included in company meetings, functions, newsletters or email updates.

Others like to know your policies and requirements on the topic of safety. Some of our customers are in the physically demanding manufacturing field, so here are some things we’ve been told are important to job seekers:

  • A work boot allowance
  • Access to free safety items such as goggles
  • On-site chiropractic visits

We know not every company is going to have these specific benefits but knowing what you do offer gives us the tools we need to efficiently assess and fulfillyour staffing needs.