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How Employers Help with Employee Emotional Wellness

How Employers Help with Employee Emotional Wellness


Your daughter’s flu symptoms have finally improved, but the school says she must be fever-free for 24 hours before returning. The boss says one more call in, and that’s it. What to do? Call in? Ghost the job?

It’s a tough situation – especially if you feel as if communication lines at work are muddy. Tech Need’s recruiters have dozens of conversations with job seekers who are trying hard to handle something personal that could affect work performance. The instinct for some is to keep it quiet – not be a problem for the company. 

We discourage that. Open up to us so we can be an advocate for you once you have a job with one of our clients. Your emotional state is important to us and also important to potential employers. Believe it or not, there are fantastic companies we work with that offer great, stress-relieving benefits to their team members – but we’re only going to know what will help you if you are open in your communication.

Here are some of the benefits available within some companies:

Flexible schedules

Yes, they exist. Some companies’ leaders know that most of us strive to be hard-working members of the team, but sometimes life gets in the way. Let your recruiter know about any ongoing scheduling challenges you’ve had or might come up again.

Employee Assistance Programs

Nearly four out of five businesses offer an EAP, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. While these programs help employees, they also offer reflective supervision training – tools to help managers understand how to properly, respectfully handle really challenging situations. 

Regular and meaningful performance evaluations

Some dread review time. Why? If you feel you’re doing a good job – or you are having challenges – why not take this opportunity to discuss things with someone who cares? In-person meetings help to discuss your ability to reach goals and also to work together towards future goals.

On-site services

Some of our clients have gyms on the premises. For many of us, some quick cardio is an amazing stress-reliever. Other partners of ours offer chiropractic services for employees who are performing repetitive, physical tasks. 

Stress affects us all. We keep the lines of communication between job seekers and recruiters open because we know unexpected things come up. You might have issues with childcare. There could be a problematic car at home. We all have been late before, but keeping these things to yourself makes it tougher for us to place you inthe right position.

And keeping it all inside is probably making you feel worse, too. Right? Let us know what concepts we can bring to our clients to make workplaces a more comfortable, less-stressful fit.

What could an employer offer that would help reduce your stress?