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Why You Should Stay Connected with a Recruiter While Not Actively Job Seeking

Why You Should Stay Connected with a Recruiter While Not Actively Job Seeking

If you previously connected with a job recruiter but found a role with a company, should you keep in touch with him or her? Ultimately, a job recruiter is a valuable resource, even if you are not actively seeking a new career opportunity. In fact, there are many reasons to stay connected with a recruiter, including:

1. The Future Can Change at a Moment’s Notice

There is no telling what the future holds. If you maintain regular contact with a job recruiter, you could open the door to new opportunities to earn more money, accelerate your career growth, and enjoy other perks you do not receive with your present employer.

In addition, staying connected with a recruiter enables you to streamline your job search in the event that your company downsizes. Although this scenario may seem unlikely, it is important to remember that the business world is constantly changing. If your company suddenly lets employees go, your relationship with a recruiter could put you in a position to immediately pounce at new opportunities that come your way.

2. There Is Always Demand for Top Talent

You are great at your job, and your company treats you well. However, top talent is consistently in demand across all industries. If you are exceptional at what you do, your relationship with a recruiter could help you capitalize on myriad job opportunities that allow you to use all of your current skills and develop new ones.

Remember, there is a shortage of qualified professionals to fill roles at companies worldwide. As a first-rate employee, you know you have what it takes to provide outstanding contributions for a wide range of businesses. So, if you maintain ongoing communication with a recruiter, you could learn about new opportunities with companies that need top talent — something that could lead to a fulfilling role that you can enjoy for years to come.

3. You Can Increase Your Leverage with Your Current Employer

As much as you appreciate the opportunity to work with your current company, you strive for continuous improvement. Therefore, if an opportunity arises that can help you improve your relationship with your current employer, you should take advantage of it. Because if you do, you could enhance your relationship with your company and lay the groundwork for a long-lasting partnership.

For example, consider what could happen if a job recruiter reaches out about an opportunity that allows you to simultaneously work fewer hours and earn more than your current role. If you interview for this position and receive a job offer, you can provide your current employer with details about the opportunity. Then, your employer has a decision to make: match or exceed the offer, or let you go to the new company. In either situation, you win, as you can embrace an opportunity to contribute to a company that meets your expectations.

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