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How to Turn a Temporary Job Into a Permanent One

How to Turn a Temporary Job Into a Permanent One

A temporary job may seem like a short-term position. But, there may be instances in which a temp role is fulfilling — and you need to take advantage.

In some instances, a temp job can lead to a rewarding career. So, if you find a temp job that you like, you should do everything possible to make your position permanent — because there’s no guarantee an opportunity like this will present itself once again.

Remember, some temp workers jump from job to job, constantly searching for a role that suits their career goals. On the other hand, if you fall in love with a temp role, do your part to make it permanent. Otherwise, you may regret your decision to not do everything possible to turn your temp job into a permanent role.

There are several things you can do to transform a temp job into a permanent one, such as:

1. Talk to Your Boss

Let your boss know you want to pursue a permanent role. If your boss believes you are a good candidate for a permanent position, he or she can help you accomplish your goal. Or, if a permanent role is not currently an option, your boss can keep you in the loop if one becomes available.

2. Be Enthusiastic

Treat your temp role like a permanent one and try to be enthusiastic about work. Enthusiasm is contagious, and if you bring energy to your work, you can maximize your productivity and help your coworkers do the same. Plus, you can show your boss that you play a key role in your company’s success, to the point where you deserve a permanent position.

3. Network As Much As Possible

Connect with coworkers and superiors and foster professional relationships with them. These relationships can lay the groundwork for a permanent role, as they can help you stay up to date about permanent positions as they become available. In addition, if you frequently engage with your professional contacts, you are well-equipped to pursue a wide range of career opportunities down the line.

4. Highlight Your Value

Make a list of ways you contribute to your business and share them with your boss. If your company uses key performance indicators (KPIs) to track sales or other pertinent data, use these metrics to highlight your success. In doing so, you can show your boss how you help your company achieve its desired results — and why you’re worthy of a permanent position.

5. Enhance Your Skills

Enroll in training programs, even if you are uncertain about whether you will earn a permanent role with your company of choice. By enrolling in a training program, you can show your boss that you want to improve your skillset. You can also gain skills that can help you increase your value to your employer — and help your employer boost its earnings.

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