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Ready to Work? Consider an Entry-Level Manufacturing Job Outside of Your Field. Techneeds Can Help!

Ready to Work? Consider an Entry-Level Manufacturing Job Outside of Your Field. Techneeds Can Help!

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has devastated businesses across many industries, including the manufacturing sector. In fact, a National Association of Manufacturers survey revealed 53% of manufacturers expect a change in their operations in the coming months due to the pandemic. The survey also indicated that 36% of manufacturers said the crisis has already impacted their supply chain operations.   

Eventually, the coronavirus crisis will end, and manufacturers are looking forward to the day they can resume their standard operations. On the other hand, job seekers who previously worked outside of manufacturing may want to consider joining the field, as many entry-level manufacturing opportunities could ultimately lead to rewarding careers.  

Techneeds, New Hampshire’s first job staffing firm, is proud to support businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. Currently, we are helping manufacturers identify and recruit professionals for entry-level roles. We are also providing job seekers with myriad opportunities to explore careers in manufacturing  even if these individuals do not have industry experience.  

At Techneeds, we want to help you find a career in which you can enhance your existing skills and develop new ones. So, if you want to move in a new direction with your career during the coronavirus pandemic or after the crisis ends, we encourage you to consider an entry-level manufacturing job outside of your field. Because, you may find there’s a lot to like about a manufacturing job, such as: 

1. You Can See the Results of Your Hard Work

 Manufacturers produce tangible products  from wires and cables to plastic toys. Once you land an entry-level manufacturing job, you can learn what it takes to produce these products. And as you create new products, you’ll get to see the results of your hard work.  

2. You Can Stay Active While You Work

Manufacturers frequently require workers to perform work tasks that involve walking, lifting, stretching, and other physical activities. As such, a manufacturing role can help you stay active and healthy. It can also provide a reprieve if you dread the thought of working a job where you are stuck behind a desk all day.

3. You Can Boost Your Career Earnings

Manufacturers often provide overtime opportunities, particularly if there is high demand for products at specific periods during the year. This ensures that you can find the extra hours you need to increase your career earnings. Plus, full- and part-time manufacturing jobs are available, and some of these positions even include health insurance and other financial perks.  

4. You Can Grow Your Career

Manufacturers usually provide career advancement opportunities to their employees. Therefore, if you accept an entry-level manufacturing job and perform it well, you can quickly climb the corporate ladder. And within a short period of time, you may find that you are working in a career where you feel good about what you do and make meaningful contributions on a daily basis.   

Take the Next Step Forward in Your Career  

 At Techneeds, we can put you in touch with top manufacturers, so you can pursue new career opportunitiesTo find out more, please call us today at 800-346-8810