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Why You Should Take Advantage of Your Referral Program in 2021?

Referral Program | Take Advantage of It in 2021
Why You Should Take Advantage of Your Referral Program in 2021?

One of the best ways to add talent to your team in 2021: take advantage of your employee referral program.  

Five Reasons You Should Use Your Referral Program to Grow Your Business this Year

1. You Can Speed Up the Hiring Process.

Research indicates job candidates hired via referrals come in 55% faster than those sourced via career websites. By leveraging your referral program, you can quickly identify talented professionals and add them to your team. Plus, with these new hires on board, they can start contributing to your company’s success right away.  

 2. You Can Hire Better Candidates.

A referral program encourages your current staff to find talent to fill positions across your business. Meanwhile, the program also rewards staff members who identify quality candidates who prove to be great fits for different roles. The bottom line: a referral program empowers your staff with an opportunity to connect you with outstanding professionals they want on their team. In doing so, the program can help you identify better candidates than those who have no association to your business.    

3. You Can Lower Your Hiring Costs. 

To identify skilled professionals, you may need to publish a job posting on various career websites and job boards. You also need to promote the posting via social media and other platforms. Comparatively, a referral program rewards employees who promote your job posting to the right candidates. Rather than pay to publish and promote your job posting, your employees can share the posting with candidates they already know. As a result, your employees can help you simultaneously engage with talented candidates and lower your hiring costs.  

4. You Can Boost Your Employee Retention Levels. 

Thanks to a referral program, your employees can share details about candidates who they believe complement your business. These candidates may be more prone than others to provide exceptional contributions, due to the fact that they get to work with family members, friends, or professional contracts. Thus, candidates you hire via a referral program may feel good about what they do  and they may want to stay with your company long into the future.  

5. You Can Find Talent That Fits Your Culture. 

It can be challenging to evaluate a candidate’s fit within your culture. But, with a referral program, your employees can help you find professionals who they believe complement your culture. The program also helps minimize the risk of hiring professionals who do not mesh within your culture  something that can hamper your company’s ability to achieve its short- and long-term goals.  

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