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How Third Shift Provides an Opportunity for Working Parents

How Third Shift Provides an Opportunity for Working Parents

Third shift, aka the night shift, is often viewed as a last resort for working parents. But, now’s a good time to rethink working third shift. If working parents embrace third-shift roles, they may reap the benefits of their decision for years to come.  

Why Should Working Parents Consider Third-Shift Roles? 

For working parents, there are many reasons to consider third-shift roles, such as: 

 1. You CanFree Up Time During the Day 

Working third shift means you’ll have extra time to yourself during the day. You can spend this time with your family. Or, you can use it to run errands, rest, or perform a wide range of activities.  

2. You Can Cut Down on Your Commute. 

When you work third shift, you’re less likely to have to travel to work in heavy traffic. This means you’ll require less time to travel to and from work.    

3. You Can Earn More Money. 

You may earn more working third shift than you would during other shifts. And, the more you earn, the better you’ll be able to support your family. In addition, you may qualify for benefits when you work third shift that you wouldn’t necessarily receive in other roles. These benefits can help you take care of your family like never before.  

4. You Can Become More Productive.  

Fewer employees work third shift than other roles. Meanwhile, fewer employees at work means fewer potential distractions. So, if you work third shift, you may be better equipped to focus on the task at hand. The result: you can become more productive.  

5. You Can Enjoy a HealthyWork-Life Balance.  

Third shift can help working parents find a healthy work-life balance. It allows parents to earn an income without sacrificing time with their families. As such, third-shift roles can be ideal for parents who feel overworked in a first- or second-shift role.  

How to Determine If a Third-Shift Role Is Right for You  

Make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of a third-shift role. Then, a working parent can use this list to guide their decision about whether to work the night shift.  

For additional insights into working third shift, consult with night-shift employees. This allows working parents to gain firsthand insights into what it’s like to work the night shift.  

It can be beneficial to try a temporary night-shift role before making a permanent switch to third shift, too. That way, a working parent can see how he or she performs in a night-shift role. If third shift proves to be a great option, this parent can explore full-time third-shift opportunities.  

Find a Third-Shift Role That Works for You 

Some parents may thrive in third-shift roles, while others may prefer to continue to work first or second shift. Regardless, when you partner with Techneeds, you can stay up to date about roles that complement your schedule.  


Our staffing specialists can keep you in the loop about career opportunities across various shifts. In doing so, we can help you explore jobs that align with your preferred work shift. For more information, please contact us today