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Why You Should Retrain a Struggling Employee

TechNeeds-Why You Should Retrain A Struggling Employee
Why You Should Retrain a Struggling Employee

Your business has a great team in place. But, if you notice an employee struggles to keep pace with their peers, you may consider dismissing this worker.

As you weigh the pros and cons of what to do with a struggling employee, you should consider retraining him or her. Because, if you retrain this worker, both the employee and your business can benefit.

Here are three reasons to retrain a struggling employee.

1. You Can Avoid the Dismissal Process.

Let’s face it — firing a struggling employee can be uncomfortable for a manager and their employee. Yet, if you retrain a worker, you can avoid the dismissal process altogether. Instead, you can teach a worker what he or she needs to do to thrive with your business. And, if the employee is committed to their craft, he or she can become a valuable contributor to your company in the future.

2. You Won’t Have to Search for a Replacement.

It can take many weeks or months to find a quality job candidate to fill a vacancy with your business. Despite your best efforts, there are no guarantees your talent recruitment strategy will deliver its desired results, either. On the other hand, you won’t have to fill a vacancy if you retrain a struggling worker. In fact, if you teach this employee the ins and outs of their role, he or she may remain with your business long into the future.

3. You Can Minimize Your Training Costs.

Getting a new hire up to speed can be expensive. And a training program may take a new hire at least a few days or weeks to complete. Comparatively, retraining a struggling worker can help you keep your training costs as low as possible. When you retrain a struggling employee, you may already know their strengths and weaknesses. Thus, you can tailor your retraining program to your employee’s needs. As a result, you can forgo many of the training costs associated with adding a new employee to your business.

Which Is a Better Option: Retraining or Firing a Struggling Employee?

There is a lot to like about retraining a struggling employee. However, there may still be times when dismissing a struggling worker offers the best option.

For example, an employee who is given multiple opportunities to improve their performance but fails to capitalize on them may be a poor fit for your business. In this instance, it can be beneficial for your company to get a fresh start with a new hire.

Ultimately, a company should give a struggling employee every opportunity to improve. If the worker cannot fulfill the responsibilities associated with a role, the business and the worker may benefit from parting ways.

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