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5 Exit Interview Questions You Need to Ask

5 Exit Interview Questions You Need to Ask

An exit interview provides a valuable learning opportunity. If you ask the right exit interview questions, you can find out why an employee is choosing a new career opportunity over one with your company. As a result, you can use an exit interview to identify ways to improve talent recruitment and retention. And in the long run, you can find ways to keep your employees happy.

Now, let’s look at five exit interview questions you need to ask.

1. What Led You to Start Looking for a New Job?

Learn why an employee began looking for a new role. Sometimes, an industry rival may “poach” employees from your team. In this case, a worker can receive a job offer, despite the fact that he or she did not apply for a job. When this occurs, find out why the worker ultimately chose to move forward with the role.

Comparatively, there can be instances in which an employee actively pursues jobs elsewhere. In these instances, it helps to know what led this employee to do so.  Then, you can discover ways to ensure your employees are consistently satisfied with their work.

2. How Would You Describe Our Company’s Culture?

Ask an employee to share terms and phrases to describe your company’s culture. If a worker uses negative terms and phrases in relation to your culture, it’s a clear sign you need to improve it.

Keep in mind that your business culture remains a work in progress, too. By asking a worker about your culture during their exit interview, you can get unique insights into your culture. From here, you can work with your current workforce to verify your culture matches their expectations.

3. How Do You Feel About Our Management Team?

Find out if an employee is leaving due to poor management. If a worker describes a wide range of management issues, address them immediately.

Poor management can disrupt your business and hamper its ability to retain top talent. If an employee exits due to subpar management, correct the problem. Next, you can explore ways to ensure management can support all departments, at all times.

4. Is There Anything We Can Do to Change Your Mind About Leaving?

Give an employee a final opportunity to stay with your business. Because, if you can change their mind, you can keep a valuable contributor on your team.

If a worker has reached the point of no return with your company, support their future endeavors. Encourage the worker to keep in contact with you. And let this employee know you are happy to help him or her grow their career going forward.

5. What Can We Do Better?

Look for ways to improve across your business. Remember, there is always room for improvement. Thanks to an exit interview, you can identify improvement areas and work toward transforming business weaknesses into strengths.

Get the Most Value Out of Your Exit Interviews

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