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Quick and Easy Ways to Destress

Quick and Easy Ways to Destress

Stress can add up quickly at work. If you cannot manage your stress in a safe and healthy manner, the problem can escalate. It can even reach a point where stress causes exhaustion, burnout, and other physical and mental health issues.

There is no need to let work stress get the best of you. Here are five safe, simple, and effective ways to destress at work and outside of it.

1. Take a Deep Breath

If your heart starts to race and you feel worried at work, take a deep breath. It often helps to breathe in and out deeply, a few times in a row. As you do so, you may start to feel more relaxed. And when you are ready to return to work, you’ll be well-equipped to perform your best.

2. Make a List

It can be beneficial to organize work tasks into lists. You can use lists for daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. These lists can help you stay on track with work and see your progress as you get your job done. Furthermore, lists can help you feel great about your accomplishments. They allow you to see what you achieve over a set period of time. Thus, your lists can help you avoid work stress and feel better than ever before about your job.

3. Establish Work Boundaries

It can be tough to maintain a healthy work-life balance. However, those who stick to a standard work schedule can put themselves in a great position to do just that. If possible, complete work tasks during the same hours every day. Take regular breaks throughout your workday, too. When your work is finished, turn off your cell phone and avoid checking your email as well. From here, you can focus on what’s most important: making the most of your personal time.

4. Use Stress Management Resources

Many companies offer resources to help workers manage stress. Find out if your business offers such resources. In some instances, your health benefits package may provide you with discounted or free access to mental health professionals who can help you destress. Furthermore, many companies provide flexible work schedules and other perks to help their workers alleviate stress.

5. Seek Additional Help

If you feel stress at work is becoming too much to handle, meet with your manager. Next, you and your manager can work together to find ways to help you minimize your stress. Your manager wants to do everything possible to ensure you are happy, healthy, and safe. Thus, he or she will work diligently on your behalf to help you destress.

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