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12 Machine Operator Skills

12 Machine Operator Skills

The machine operator skills you list in your resume impact whether you are contacted for an interview. Including the most important skills, especially those listed in the job description, helps your resume get past an applicant tracking system (ATS) and to the hiring manager.

Using the most relevant machine operator skills in your resume shows you have the knowledge, skills, and experience required for a role. This increases your odds of being successful in the position. It also encourages the hiring manager to contact you for an interview.

Discover 12 essential machine operator skills and examples of how to list them in your resume.

1.   Mathematics

  • Use micrometers, calipers, and basic math skills to accurately measure dimensions
  • Calculate requirements using basic math, geometry, and trigonometry
  • Use a measuring tape and basic match to manually set up machines

2.   Safety Procedures

  • Comply with safety procedures and manufacturing quality system requirements
  • Adhere to safety procedures and manufacturing guidelines according to the employee handbook and OSHA safety regulations
  • Train and lead new employees on machine operations and safety procedures

3.   Preventative Maintenance

  • Work with management to schedule maintenance and develop corrective maintenance plans
  • Clean debris and lubricate moving parts to ensure uninterrupted production
  • Perform scheduled maintenance for plant equipment

4.   Quality Checks

  • Administer periodic quality checks for customer product inspection procedures
  • Perform hourly quality checks to maintain compliance with customer specifications
  • Conduct quality checks before storing finished products in the warehouse

5.   Computer Numerical Control

  • Change CNC programs, setups, fixtures, and tooling
  • Focus on quality output when operating CNC machinery
  • Maintain CNC machines, material handling, and assembly systems

6.   Machine Operation

  • Assist with machine operation, quality assurance, shipping and receiving, and other manufacturing phases
  • Supply crew and presses with necessary products
  • Troubleshoot mold presses to resolve issues

7.   Continuous Improvement

  • Report product, process, or documentation discrepancies to Quality Supervisor
  • Optimize process efficiency
  • Participate in Safety Committee and Continuous Improvement Committee

8.   Good Manufacturing Processes

  • Ensure standard operating procedures are followed
  • Follow GMPs to meet customer and product specifications
  • Assure compliance with GMP safety and environmental agency policies

9.   Troubleshooting

  • Uncover and fix problems with machines
  • Discover and resolve machinery issues to clear bottlenecks
  • Fix sources of machine errors to maintain smooth operations

10.  Pallet Jack

  • Operate forklift and pallet jack to move boxes and merchandise in the warehouse
  • Use forklift and pallet jack to distribute materials to product lines
  • Operate pallet jack to deliver finished products to the staging area

11.  Production Equipment

  • Inspect and adjust production equipment for quality control
  • Develop procedures for new production equipment
  • Ensure repeatable and maximum equipment performance

12.  Quality Standards

  • Inspect products manufactured or processed by outsourced companies to ensure quality standards
  • Meet or exceed quality standards and production goals
  • Travel to customers to assess quality standards and suggest improvements to quality processes

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