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How to Approach a New Job Search

How to Approach a New Job Search

Approaching a new job search can be challenging. You may be unsure of what to look for, where to go, or how to begin.

Creating a plan to approach your new job search can be beneficial. Narrowing down the type of role you desire and involving other professionals in your job search are helpful. This includes signing up for job alerts involving your preferred positions.

Implement these tips to approach a new job search.

Update Your Social Media Profiles

Ensure your social media profiles are current and your content is professional. Also, include industry-specific keywords and key phrases in your LinkedIn information. Demonstrating your knowledge, skills, experience, awards, and accomplishments in your social media profiles positions you as a strong candidate during your new job search.


Talk with your industry connections about what you seek in your new job search. Include the type of role you desire and your qualifications. Your connections may know about relevant opportunities and serve as a referral. Or, a connection might introduce you to a hiring manager or another professional who can advance your job search.

Join a Professional Organization

Participate in a professional organization focused on your industry. This provides opportunities to expand your knowledge and skill set, stay current on industry news and trends, and network with other professionals. These activities can be beneficial for your new job search.

Schedule Informational Interviews

Use LinkedIn to connect with professionals in positions similar to the one you desire. Ask the professionals to spend a half hour on the phone or over coffee talking about their job duties and responsibilities. Ask questions to gather more information and determine whether the position is right for you. Then, you can choose which opportunities to apply for during your new job search.

Tailor Your Cover Letter and Resume

Customize your application for each role. For instance, use your cover letter to show how your skills, experience, and accomplishments can help you provide value for the employer. Also, reread the job description to determine which keywords to include throughout your resume. Using the proper keywords helps your resume move past an applicant tracking system (ATS) and to the hiring manager. This increases your odds of being contacted for an interview during your new job search.

Partner with a Staffing Agency

Work with a recruiter from a local staffing agency that specializes in your industry. The recruiter dedicates their time to understanding individual client needs, candidate needs, and the job market. Then, the recruiter uses this information to match the right candidate with the right employer and role. Taking advantage of a staffing agency’s services can help you secure a role in less time than conducting your new job search on your own.

Include Techneeds in Your New Job Search

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