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Skills You Need to Be a Medical Device Assembler

Skills You Need to Be a Medical Device Assembler

A medical device assembler is a technical expert who puts together equipment used in the medical profession. This equipment helps medical practitioners make diagnoses and provide treatments.

A medical device assembler’s job duties and responsibilities include:

  • Assembling and installing diagnostic machines, monitoring devices, surgical instruments, and other medical equipment.
  • Reading and following instructions to assemble complex equipment.
  • Customizing, adapting, and calibrating equipment to meet the preferences or requirements of a facility, practitioner, or purpose.
  • Performing routine medical equipment maintenance.
  • Writing and maintaining medical equipment use records or assembly documents.
  • Understanding and following safety protocols.

Having relevant skills can help you become a medical device assembler. The following suggestions can help.

Discover eight skills you need to be a medical device assembler.

Clean Room Environment

  • Operate high-speed automated production machinery
  • Manufacture sterile medical tubing
  • Use tools and chemicals to install required materials in biologically derived medical devices


  • Assemble catheters and pump set builds according to manufacturing guidelines and drawing specifications
  • Complete final preparation and testing of catheters before sterilization and packaging for shipment
  • Use highly customized machines to manufacture and inspect stainless steel catheter sub-assemblies


  • Perform assembly, sub-assembly, and packaging operations in the production area
  • Assemble mouthpieces for individuals with motor disabilities and limited dexterity
  • Develop dexterity and accuracy to deliver quality and quantity products

Medical Products

  • Inspect and assemble specialized medical products and devices in a clean room facility to ensure product quality standards are met
  • Read, understand, and use manufacturing procedures to assemble and package medical products
  • Maintain tidiness in a clean room to prevent contamination of medical products


  • Practice aseptic techniques to prevent contaminating products and patients
  • Assemble catheters for cardiac patients
  • Instruct patients on properly assembling and using equipment

Lean Manufacturing

  • Adapt to lean manufacturing system
  • Practice CEA, GDP, QSM, QTY, SFP, and SOP within lean manufacturing
  • Experience in lean manufacturing and 5S

Quality Standards

  • Follow production processes to maintain quality standards
  • Adhere to quality standards of the Code of Federal Regulations for Medical Devices and ISO standards
  • Train individuals to assemble medical tools according to blueprint and quality standards

Assembly Operations

  • Perform assembly operations according to manufacturing procedures
  • Set up and perform hand and automatic assembly operations on components, assemblies, and sub-assemblies
  • Complete paperwork for assembly operations

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