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Maximizing Your Online Presence for Your Job Search

Maximizing Your Online Presence for Your Job Search

Maximizing your online presence can benefit your job search. Displaying a professional image for employers helps them visualize you as part of the team. As a result, managers are likely to contact you for interviews.

Shaping your online presence to portray a professional image can be done in a few steps. These methods can help.

Implement these tips to maximize your online presence for your job search.

Search Your Online Presence

Conduct a search of your first and last name to see what comes up. Consider using different combinations, such as your name and school name, your name and city, and your usernames.

Go through the search results. If you uncover any content that you would not want a hiring manager to see, contact the owner of the website and ask them to take it down. Also, if you find any content on your friends’ social media accounts that identifies you and does not portray the image you want, ask for the content to be removed.

Consider setting up an alert for your name so you know when any new content is added. Then, you can take appropriate action.

Audit Your Social Media Accounts

Note which social media accounts you have. Then, deactivate any accounts you do not actively use.

Review your remaining social media accounts. Ensure you have consistency in your display name, handle, headshot, and biography. Having your information match communicates across all platforms who you are and what you do.

Remove any photos, videos, posts, comments, or other content that does not support the image you want hiring managers to see. Posts that show alcohol consumption, illegal substance use, violence, or other subjects that managers might not like can result in fewer invitations to interview for jobs.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Provide the most current information on your LinkedIn profile. For instance, ensure your headline accurately reflects your background and expertise. One example is “Strategic Communications and Digital Marketing Leader.”

Choose words that grab the attention of hiring managers. For instance, include what you want these managers to know and how you can add value to an organization. One example is specific ways your skills and experience can help solve company problems.

Use your Summary to share your experience, expertise, and personal interests. Focus on getting the attention of hiring managers and members of your network.

Share in your Experience section the high-level career achievements, awards, and recognition you are most proud of. Also, elaborate on the points not covered in your resume.

Do You Want Additional Help with Your Job Search?

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