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Conducting Effective Remote Interviews

Conducting Effective Remote Interviews

Conducting effective remote interviews provides many benefits for employers. Companies can save significant time and money while diversifying their candidate pools.

Remote interviews are increasingly used throughout the hiring process. As a result, hiring team members must effectively conduct these interviews. These suggestions can help.

Implement these tips to conduct effective remote interviews.

Leverage Remote Interview Software and Tools

Choose the remote interview software and tools that best fit your company’s needs:

  • Jobma integrates with many applicant tracking systems (ATS) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. The software offers different interview formats and supports team-based hiring processes.
  • myInterview uses artificial intelligence (AI) screening and automation to enhance the candidate experience. The software supports data-driven hiring decisions for high-volume positions.
  • Willo is browser-based, customizable, and general data protection regulation (GDPR) compliant. The software integrates with many ATSs and is suitable for high-volume screening.
  • Zoho Meeting provides screen sharing, interactive whiteboards, and related features for collaborative interviews. The platform integrates with popular software.

Use Technology to Schedule Interviews

Interview scheduling tools integrate with calendars and provide real-time availability. This process minimizes the time needed to schedule or reschedule interviews. The tools also send automated reminders so candidates and interviewers can prepare and be on time for interviews.

Test Your Interview Equipment and Technology

Ensure your camera, microphone, and internet connectivity work well before a remote interview. These actions help prevent technical issues that could disrupt the conversation. You can focus better on the candidate’s background, qualifications, and fit with company culture.

Build Rapport with the Candidate

Start the remote interview with casual conversation. Include non-work-related topics to help put the candidate at ease. Creating rapport helps set a positive tone for open, honest discussion.

Support Open Communication

Encourage the candidate to ask questions and share their thoughts throughout the remote interview. Using two-way communication helps gain insight into the candidate’s expectations and perception of your company. You also can assess the candidate’s fit with the culture and potential for success within your organization.

Include Behavioral Questions

Ask each candidate to share specific examples of when they demonstrated certain skills or overcame challenges. Use the answers to gain insight into the candidate’s experience and how they might perform in the role. This approach helps predict the candidate’s future behavior and potential impact on your organization.

Provide Virtual Assignments

Gain deeper insight into a candidate’s skills and abilities through practical assessments. For instance, use virtual simulations, case studies, or problem-solving exercises relevant to the position. These assessments help gauge the candidate’s technical skills and provide insight into their creativity and problem-solving approach.

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