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Worried About Monday? How to Find Motivation on Sunday Night

Worried About Monday? How to Find Motivation on Sunday Night

If your job causes you to dread Monday morning, you are not alone. But, with the proper motivation on Sunday night, you can alleviate stress at the beginning of your workweek. You can also put yourself in a position to manage your stress throughout the workweek and maximize your work performance.  

Now, let’s look at three ways you can find motivation on Sunday night.  

1. Identify the Root Cause of Your Monday Morning Worries

Make a list of reasons why you are stressed about going to work Monday morning. The list can give you an idea of why you worry about the upcoming work week. It may help you figure out ways to manage your work stress going forward, too.  

Regardless of why you feel stressed about the workweek, you can use your insights to determine an effective way to alleviate your worries before the week begins. For instance, if you find the beginning of the workweek is loaded with tasks, you may want to revamp your work schedule. Or, if you feel overwhelmed by your Monday workload, you may want to consider meditation or other relaxation exercises to relieve your stress.  

2. Map Out Your Monday Morning in Advance

Plan your Monday morning work activities on Sunday night or earlier. This ensures you can focus on enjoying the weekend to the fullest extent. Plus, when Monday morning ultimately arrives, you’ll be well-equipped to handle any challenges that come your way.  

You should also rest and recharge as much as possible during the weekend. Avoid your work email and use the weekend to shift your focus away from work. Furthermore, try to get seven to nine hours of restful sleep Sunday night, and you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to seize the day.  

3. Reward Yourself Starting Monday Morning

Use your Sunday night to plan ways to reward yourself beginning Monday morning. With rewards in place, you can feel motivated to give your best starting Monday morning and continuing throughout the work week.  

As you enjoy rewards during the work week, you may find that your productivity continuously increases. Eventually, when the workweek reaches its conclusion, you can take solace in the fact that you did everything possible to contribute to your organization’s success. You can also use your experience to further motivate you to give your all in the work weeks to come.  

When it comes to staying motivated at work, it is important to find a job you like. Because, if you feel motivated to perform your best every day, you can accelerate your career growth.  

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