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Beat the Winter Blues and Improve Your Mood and Productivity

Winter Productivity
Beat the Winter Blues and Improve Your Mood and Productivity

Winter brings short days and cold temperatures. These factors can impact your mood and productivity. And they can make it tough to feel and perform your best at work.

Research indicates workers may be more prone to get less work done in winter than at other times of the year. Meanwhile, workers may be susceptible to seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in winter. SAD can cause employees to feel depressed, anxious, or stressed for extended periods. It can result in poor appetite, weight loss, and other physical issues as well.

There is no need for the winter blues to affect your physical and emotional wellbeing. If you take care of yourself throughout the year, you’re well-equipped to guard against the winter blues. Plus, you can maintain a positive outlook that helps you feel great and deliver excellent results at work.

Tips to Improve Your Mood and Productivity in Winter

You may be concerned about the winter blues or notice your mood and productivity are already changing due to the season. At this point, you can use the following tips to help boost your mood and productivity.

1. Increase Your Light Exposure

Spend time outdoors in winter whenever possible. Poor sun exposure can cause your serotonin levels to decline, thereby increasing your risk of major depression. Comparatively, even getting 15 minutes of sun exposure daily can help you improve your serotonin levels. In these instances, you may start to feel energized, revitalized, and ready to tackle any work challenges that come your way.

2. Exercise Regularly

Establish an exercise regimen and stick to it. Ice skating, hockey, and other winter sports provide excellent opportunities to stay active, too. Daily exercise releases endorphins in the body. Endorphins have been shown to relieve stress and pain. Thus, they may lower your risk of experiencing persistent winter blues.

3. Get Sufficient Rest

Give yourself ample time to sleep. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends adults get at least seven hours of sleep per night. Along with following this recommendation, create a comfortable sleep environment. Here, you should feel relaxed and ready to get plenty of rest at the end of the day. And when you wake up for work, you’ll feel refreshed and prepared to perform at peak levels.

Finally, if you notice the winter blues severely hamper your mood and productivity, meet with a doctor. This allows you to undergo medical testing and receive a diagnosis for your winter blues. Then, you and your doctor can work together to find safe and healthy ways to address your winter blues now and in the future.

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