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Do You Have Interview Nerves? Follow These Tips

Do You Have Interview Nerves? Follow These Tips

Job interview nerves are common. You want to put your best foot forward during an interview. Yet, you can feel worried and stressed as the time approaches to meet with an employer. At this point, you may struggle to answer even the simplest interview questions. The result: a poor interview performance may cause you to miss out on a chance to land your dream job.

Do not let interview nerves get the best of you. Here are four tips to help you manage your nerves before your next interview.

1. Get Ready for Your Job Interview

Plan ahead for your job interview. Conduct research to learn about an employer. Also, review the job posting and consider how your career experience and interests align with it. In addition, think about why you decided to pursue the job in the first place. The more you prepare for an interview, the more comfortable you’ll feel when the meeting arrives. At this time, you can take solace in the fact that you did everything in your power to prepare for your interview.

2. Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Get to Your Interview

Map out the day of your interview. If you are commuting to an interview, ensure you have enough time to ensure you arrive on schedule. Or, if you are meeting remotely, make sure your computer, speakers, and other equipment work properly. Ultimately, no one wants to feel like they are rushing to get to their interview. With careful planning, you can give yourself ample time to ensure you won’t be late for your meeting.

3. Enjoy a Healthy Snack or Meal

Eat a healthy snack or meal at least a few hours before your interview. Choose foods loaded with vitamins and nutrients, since they can provide you with an energy boost. These foods also minimize the risk that you’ll feel hungry during your interview and make it tough to feel and perform your best.

4. Practice Mindfulness

Go for a walk, do yoga, or enjoy other mindfulness activities. You can practice mindfulness to calm your nerves at any point before your interview. A mindfulness activity may only take a few minutes to complete. Afterwards, you’ll feel composed, confident, and ready to do your best during your interview.

The Bottom Line on How to Deal with Interview Nerves

Interview nerves can be problematic. However, you can manage your nerves to position yourself for a successful interview. When you do, you may start to relax and feel like the best version of yourself. In this instance, you can enter an interview and make a great first impression. You may even show an employer why you are the best candidate for a role with their business.

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