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List These Keywords on Your Manufacturing Technician Resume

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List These Keywords on Your Manufacturing Technician Resume

Your resume is your introduction to a hiring manager. It shows how your skills and experience qualify you for a manufacturing technician role.

Your resume must be tailored to fit the hiring manager’s needs. This shows how your mechanical skills, problem-solving abilities, and critical thinking provide a foundation for success in the position.

Include throughout your resume the relevant keywords from the job description. This helps your resume move past an applicant tracking system (ATS) and to the hiring manager. You might be contacted for an interview then.

Adding these keywords to your manufacturing technician resume can help you land a job interview.

Safety Procedures

Following safety rules and regulations reduces the risks of being injured at work. This is especially important when using electrical equipment, machinery, or chemicals. Your ability to instruct coworkers on proper safety practices also matters.


Collaborating with coworkers helps maintain a productive, positive workplace. It demonstrates communication, respect for others’ ideas, and shared responsibility to complete tasks.

Inventory Management

Your ability to order and track the materials and supplies required for production helps ensure projects are completed on time. Having enough resources maintains consistency and reduces waste throughout the production process.

Mechanical Skills

Your understanding of how machines work, their parts, and how to maintain or repair the equipment is important. This increases safety and helps maintain production.

Preventative Maintenance

Identifying and preventing potential issues helps the equipment properly function. This minimizes downtime, production delays, injuries caused by faulty equipment, and emergency repairs or replacements.

Equipment Operation

Your ability to operate computers, software programs, and other manufacturing process equipment is essential. This helps you maintain and repair the equipment.


Identifying and solving problems related to machinery, production, or quality control lets you efficiently fix problems. This elevates safety and minimizes production downtime.

Product Testing

Testing raw materials, in-progress parts, and finished products ensures they meet customer expectations. This shows you pay attention to detail and quality standards.

Quality Control

Your ability to ensure a product meets specific standards increases product safety and function. This shows you understand how to use testing equipment and pay attention to detail. It also demonstrates your ability to efficiently identify and resolve issues to meet quality and customer standards.


Your ability to prepare and package items, track them as they move through the system, and receive them at their destination is important. These skills add value to a company.

Data Entry

Entering information into a computer system may involve recording production output, tracking employee performance, or documenting safety procedures. This lets you track relevant data to ensure the records are current.

Process Improvement

Identifying and implementing changes to increase process efficiency improves production. Ensuring these changes still meet quality standards is an added benefit.

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