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Best Ways to Get to Know New Coworkers

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Best Ways to Get to Know New Coworkers

Starting a new job is stressful. You want to perform well and make a positive impression on your teammates and coworkers.

Part of making a good impression involves getting to know your new coworkers. This takes some preparation to be successful.

Having a plan helps you establish relationships with your coworkers. This makes it easier to transition into your new job.

Use these methods to get to know your new coworkers when starting a job.

Greet Your Coworkers

Smile as you say hello to your new coworkers. Share your name and job title.

Ask your coworkers open-ended questions. For instance, “How was your weekend?” This shows you are approachable, friendly, and interested in others.

Have Work-Related Conversations

Talk with your new coworkers about a project they are working on. Or, find out which types of projects they have been working on for the past few months.

Engaging in work conversations can lead to discussions about other topics. This helps establish common ground.

Finding common interests provides additional subjects to talk about. This creates a basis for future conversations.

Take Breaks in the Breakroom

Meeting new coworkers in the breakroom lets you talk in a relaxed environment. It helps you gain insight into positively impacting the organization through your work.

Maintain professionalism when talking with your coworkers. This shows you take your role seriously and want to succeed.

Offer to Help Your Coworkers

Supporting your new coworkers helps you understand their roles. It also promotes a collaborative environment.

Providing help shows you have your coworkers’ best interests in mind. Your coworkers likely will offer to help you when you need it.

Prioritize Learning

Find out all you can about the company and its processes. Ask questions to gain insight into how your new coworkers perform their job duties and responsibilities.

Take time to establish your credibility in performing your work. Then, use your experience to suggest ways to improve efficiency in work processes. Your fresh perspectives can promote improvement.

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